We Are Granted the Privilege to Suffer

Year A, Proper 20, Track 1 Exodus 16:2-15, Philippians 1:21-30, Matthew 20:1-16 According to Paul’s letter to the Philippians, A Christian life is not a life of happiness at least not according to what the world says happiness is. Nor is our life in Christ pain-free. Paul says we are granted the privilege to suffer for Christ; to experience the pain Christ suffered in life and especially on the cross. Possessions, money, and other forms of security are only security in this life. “You cannot take it with you.” Clinging onto our possessions in order to make ourselves happier or in order for us to have the “good life” is what leads to death. You may remember when Jesus spoke to a wealthy youn

Who are you to pass judgment?

Proper 19, Year A If you're at all like me, you must have been very surprised when you first looked at Romans and realized there were more than two verses to it; that Paul wrote more than Chapter 1:26-27 - the verses some quote as being dispositive evidence that being gay is hateful in God's eyes. But then, because there indeed IS more to Romans, Paul asks: Who are you to pass judgment? In fact, Paul immediately poses this question in the first four verses of Chapter 2: “Therefore you have no excuse, whoever you are, when you judge others; for in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, are doing the very same things. You say, ‘We know that God's judgment on

Giving Your Life for Christ

Year A, Proper 17, RCL Track 1 Exodus 3:1-15, Romans 12:9-21, Matthew 16:21-28 Who today is willing to give up their life for Christ? Christ says, “Let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake will find it.” Christ is telling you that you have a choice. You can pick up your cross and follow him and in doing so you will lose your life, your old life. In this process, you will gain new life. The alternative is to keep your old life, by trying to stay safe or keep your old ways. In doing this, you will lose your life, your spiritual life. We can live now and die later or we can die

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