In a Few Day's Time

Fifth Sunday in Lent, Year B, RCL Jeremiah 31:31-34, Hebrews 5:5-10, John 12:20-33 When we think of Jesus, we often think of him being amongst the people. We find him in the temple where people are listening to him curiously. On the streets, people come up to him wanting to be healed. In houses, there are lines of people waiting to be helped. But today is different. Some Greeks are seeking him but instead of finding him directly, they speak to Philip first. Phillip then speaks to Andrew, and together they tell Jesus that some guys are here to see you. We don’t even know if these men ever meet Jesus but it sounds unlikely. What we do know is that Jesus takes their visitation as a sign that t

The Chicken or the Egg

Fourth Sunday in Lent, Year B, RCL Numbers 21:4-9, Ephesians 2:1-10, John 3:14-21, Psalm 107:1-3, 17-22 The wilderness people are nearing the end of their 40-year trek, but as of yet, they do not know this. Over these generations, the people have gone back and forth in their thoughts about following Moses and God. When times are tough they wonder why they even left the bondage Egypt and when times are good they praise God for all he has done. I wonder if this sounds anything like our journeys in faith. I know it resembles mine. Today we hear that the Israelites became impatient and spoke against God and Moses. They say “there is not food or water” and in the same breath they say that “they

In the Midst of Sin

John 2:13-22 On its face, there is little wrong with what the people were doing in the Temple courtyard. People came to the temple from countries all over the known world. It is unreasonable to travel long distances with livestock because you would need food for these animals whether large or small. Your journey will take days, weeks, or even longer. And when you finally arrive at the temple, your animal needs to be unblemished. On a long journey, any animal could easily become injured, sick, or even die. So the ability to purchase sacrificial animals on sight is a real needed. There is also a need for travelers to change their foreign currency to money that was acceptable to the temple auth

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