To Touch Our Wounds

Second Sunday of Easter, Year B, RCL John 20:19-31 If we go back a few decades you may remember the TV show “At the Movies with Siskel and Ebert.” Robert Ebert and Gene Siskel were movie critics. They would talk about the moving while showing a clip or two demonstrating what they had been explaining. Each one would give the movie a thumbs up or down. If they both liked the movie it would receive two thumbs up; a phrase that they coined. Many movies just had one thumb for only one of the critics liked it. Based on our personal preferences, we tended to agree with one critic’s views more than the other. I tended to enjoy more of the movies Ebert recommends even if Siskel didn’t like it as much

And They Said Nothing

Easter Day, Year B, RCL Mark 16:1-8 The ladies fled from the tomb and said nothing... The End. Where are the resurrection stories of Jesus appearing in a locked room with the disciples? Where is Jesus cooking fish on the beach; or the two disciples unknowingly walking with him to Emmaus? Mark’s Gospel account ends right here with no ending at all. It’s like one of these artsy non-genera movies that start in the middle of a conversation as if we should know more about what is going on and they end in the same way, leaving us hanging. I know our bulletin has two more sentences, but this is a mistake by the printer. These two sentences are the second ending, seemingly added two hundred years a

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