A Gift of Waiting

Fifth Sunday in Lent, Year A, RCL John 11:1-45 By this point in the Gospel, the disciples have seen Jesus heal both the lame and a man born blind yet they still don’t seem to fully understand the relationship they are being called to; a relationship of abiding love. Jesus alludes to the disciple's continued disbelief. He says, “For your sake, I am glad I was not there, [to heal Lazarus] so that you may believe.” At this point we have the disciples don’t want to return to Judea because they are fearful of their safety. But surprisingly it is Doubting Thomas who seems to understand that this trek toward Jerusalem is not about safety, it is about following Jesus. Thomas says, “Let us also go, t

A Result of Negligence

Fourth Sunday in Lent, Year A, RCL John 9:1-41 Christ heals a blind man. We could almost leave the story here, thinking to ourselves what a great miracle; Jesus heals a poor beggar. We could pass by this story thinking that this man has been healed and his life is now wonderful; because sight must have made his life better. But if we did walk past this story in such simple terms, we would be like so many of the people in this story who simply walk past this blind beggar each day, never giving him a second glance. Let’s look at a few details. This blind man was healed purely by God’s grace. At the time of his healing, the blind man did not have faith in Christ. The blind man didn’t know him o

COVID-19 and Worshiping from home

Worshiping From Home The Coronavirus continues to spread and its reach is getting closer to home. To stop the spread is not in our control but we can attempt to slow the spread. At this time each of us must do our part to reduce the risk to the people of our community; ensuring that we reduce the impact on our hospitals and clinics. Today I have been informed that “The virus is contagious up to 5 days before clinical symptoms appear.” This means that we can spread this disease long before we know we are ill. This attribute is not unique to covid-19. Viruses such as Measles and Chicken Pox can also be transmitted prior to symptoms. We, the people, are the Church. We can worship and pray when

The Voice of Temptation

First Sunday in Lent, Year A, RCL Matthew 4:1-11 Most Christian art depicts today’s passage of Christ’s temptation in a scene where Christ stands with the Devil. The Devil is pictured as a human-like figure with horns and often having wings. Due to the way the story is written, I’d imagine that many of us picture this story in a similar, literal way. Yet other artist chose to depict the Devil in this story more like a shadowy figure. It’s hard to tell if they are really there in physical form or a bit more ethereal. I wonder if this less tangible form maybe more realistic. After all, when we think of our own temptations, I’d imagine that we don’t see a flaming red Devil with a pitchfork and

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