Because They Are Harassed and Helpless

Proper 6, Year A RCL Track 2 Romans 5:1-8, Matthew 9:35-10:23 Jesus visits many villages and cities; curing the diseased and the sick. Matthew says Jesus had compassion for these people. We know that Jesus is a compassionate guy but the compassion he shows to them isn’t because they are ill. It says his compassion for them is because they are harassed and helpless. So who was harassing these people? In the context of the reading, it is clear that it is their local authorities, their civic leaders, who are the ones doing the harassing. Interestingly Jesus heals the people’s ills but he doesn’t stop the harassment. Instead, Jesus commissions twelve Apostles to go out to the lost sheep, to “pro

Beyond this Void and Darkness

First Sunday after Pentecost: Trinity Sunday Year A, RCL Genesis 1:1-2:4a, Matthew 28:16-20 Where do we come from? Some would say we came from the seed of our parents; and the seed of their parents; and their parents before them; all the way back to the beginning. While this is true, to trace our roots through recorded time, it is also accurate that we come from the formless void. Everything man knows comes from the formless void; out of darkness. Those of us with faith believe that beyond this void and darkness, beyond space and time, there is something else out there; something we call God. While God was there at the beginning of our world, He was not alone. “A wind from God hovered over

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