Rejecting the Foreigner

Proper 15, Year A, RCL, Track 2 Isaiah 56:1,6-8, Romans 11:1-2a, 29-32, Matthew 15:10-28 Paul, in our passage, is speaking about the Israelites. He tells us that they are not rejected; they fit into God’s plan of salvation. Recalling Abraham we may remember that God made a covenant with Abraham and his descendants. Though life is not always easy, God continues to show his favor on them. And Paul tells us that he is part of this covenantal relationship; and he reminds us that the Israelites, like all of us, fall into disobedience or sin. This shouldn’t be news to any of us. This is why the Jewish people were wandering for 40 years and why they fell into exile. There are numerous Old Testament

Fear of Storms

Proper 14, Year A, RCL, Track 2 1 Kings 19:9-18, Romans 10:5-15, Matthew 14:22-33 He was focused on the Lord. He is walking on water and then Peter becomes distracted. Shifting his focus to the blustering wind and the tumultuous sea; he begins to sink. Jesus reaches out and catching him he says, “You of little faith, why did you doubt?” Once back in the boat the weather calms and all the people worship Jesus saying, “Truly you are the Son of God”. I think we all know this story. We see a miracle of walking on water but I wonder if this miracle isn’t so much that Jesus walks on the water, for he is the Son of God, the Messiah. But the miracle we recognize is Peter, one of us, a fellow discipl

The Impossible Becomes Possible

Proper 13, Year A, RCL, Track 2 Romans 9:1-5, Matthew 14:13-21 On some level, Paul wishes he could go back to his old ways, before knowing Christ. He misses the people, his people, the Jewish people whom he loves and knows. Those people who have most likely cut him off; disowned him. They probably see Paul as a corruptor of the true faith because Paul recognizes Jesus for who he is, the Messiah who is over all people both Jew and Gentile. This acknowledgment of the Lord is the blessing Paul is trying to express. Christ came for all of us and the love we share outweighs any other. The love we have in Christ does not make life easy; as most of us know. Nor does it allow us to put the work we a

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