Proper 6, Year A RCL Track 2 Romans 5:1-8, Matthew 9:35-10:23

Jesus visits many villages and cities; curing the diseased and the sick. Matthew says Jesus had compassion for these people. We know that Jesus is a compassionate guy but the compassion he shows to them isn’t...

First Sunday after Pentecost: Trinity Sunday
Year A, RCL

Genesis 1:1-2:4a, Matthew 28:16-20

Where do we come from? Some would say we came from the seed of our parents; and the seed of their parents; and their parents before them; all the way back to the beginning. While...

January 14, 2018

Second Sunday after the Epiphany, Year B, RCL
1 Samuel 3:1-20, 1 Corinthians 6:12-20, John 1:43-51, Psalm 139:1-5, 12-17

The priest arrives at church on Sunday morning to hear his congregants speaking about the faith. This poor congregation doesn’t seem to know what exa...

January 7, 2018

The First Sunday after the Epiphany: The Baptism of our Lord

Genesis 1:1-5, , Acts 19:1-7, Mark 1:4-11, Psalm 29

God creates separation. God separates dark from light; calling them night and day. In day two, God uses a dome to separate the waters beyond the sky...

November 26, 2017

Last Sunday after Pentecost, Year A, RCL, Track 1

Ezekiel 34:11-16, 20-24, Psalm 100, Matthew 25:31-46

“He will put the sheep at his right hand and the goats at the left.” Or from Ezekiel, “I will judge between sheep and sheep, the fat and the lean.” Both passages tell u...

September 24, 2017

Year A, Proper 20, Track 1
Exodus 16:2-15, Philippians 1:21-30, Matthew 20:1-16

According to Paul’s letter to the Philippians, A Christian life is not a life of happiness at least not according to what the world says happiness is. Nor is our life in Christ pain-free. Pa...

September 17, 2017

Proper 19, Year A

If you're at all like me, you must have been very surprised when you first looked at Romans and realized there were more than two verses to it; that Paul wrote more than Chapter 1:26-27 - the verses some quote as being dispositive evidence that bein...